Arts Workshop

What is Art & Movement?

Art and Movement is a program with variety of activity consist of or 'Arts' Workshop and 'Movement' Workshop. 

Arts Workshop

Puppet Making / Paper Craft / Print Making

This program is suitable for younger children, it allows children to explore different art mediums and to create their own masterpieces

Children's Theatre

A platform for children to be as expressive and creative, this workshop involves simple and fun role-play, games and activities for kids to build their confidence.

Creative Writing

For the love of writing! This workshop is for children who enjoy writing and want to express their imagination and creativity on paper. Fun prompts are prepared to guide young writers to write creatively.

Musical Instrument Making

Jewellery Making

Our young aspiring musician will be designing their very own musical instruments. They will also work together to make their very own music, and maybe share their talents to love ones.

Jewellery Making

This workshop will spark the interest of children to create their very own jewellery to gift to themselves, or even their friends or family.

Movement Workshop

Story Telling Yoga

Children will learn different yoga poses and participate in a role-play based on these poses they learn.

It's time to sing along to music while learning to move our bodies. A treat for younger children, where they get to learn catchy new songs and engaged in mile physical activity.

Music & Movement

Obstacle Maze

A mix of both intellectual and physical stimulation through puzzles games and physical activities such as wall climbing, string maze, and foot print jump. This workshop will get the kids screaming of joy and thrill, as they complete all the challenges as fast they can.

A workshop perfect for high energy kids and even those who are looking for an hour of fun and heart-pumping experience by our instructors. The kids will be doing a lot of punches, and jumping jacks, along to some great music.

Kid's Bootcamp


Art & Movement