Our creative program aims to develop multiple skills in young children through creative activities and guided play. Taking the children on a creative journey in art, music, movement, reading, and writing.

Read &


Read & Write is a small learning centre in Kampong Kapok offering an intensive program in English language comprehension and composition.


Read & Write offers one-on-one sessions with students in guided reading and writing activities, based on a reading and writing scale, which is used to assess each student’s reading level on a monthly basis.


Intensive, guided sessions will help us monitor your child closely while they develop valuable language skills that are important for all subjects in the school curriculum.

Launch date - August 2016

Learn & Think is an educational program conducted in schools around Brunei.


It is a four-week program specially designed to enhance and improve a student’s ‘soft’ skills, mainly problem solving skills, creativity and confidence building through three topics - nutrition education, social & emotional learning, and environmental awareness.


It is designed for primary school children in Years 3-6.


Launch date - January 2017

Little Sprouts Daycare

Little Sprouts Daycare is a daycare for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years.


Little Sprouts offers development programs such as language enrichment, music and movement, and arts and craft by learning and exploring on a wide range of topics monthly.


Focusing more on developing relationship building, managing responsibilities, and confidence building, Little Sprouts is an ideal learning and playing environment for young children.


Launch date - January 2017