Toddler Morning

Thematic Learning

Thematic Learning

Art & movement

Go Mad With Art

" Creativity is not magic,

it's a learned and

finely-crafted skill "

Has your child ever scribbled on tables and walls? Have they ever fiddled with spoons and forks, and other tools? Have you seen them move their bodies to a song you were playing? These are you child's ways of showing they want to explore the world around them and explore what they can do!

The many benefits of creative education for young children are:

Physical Development

Develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and improves visuo-spatial development.

Emotional Development

Healthy expression of emotions,    adds excitement and stimulation, leads to positive emotions and enjoyment of learning.

Language Development

Develops skills in interaction and communication, as well as conversational skills with other children and other adults.

Cognitive Development

Improves focus and concentration, encourages indeoendent thought, develops problem-solving skills and use of imagination.

Social Development

Develops skills in collaboration and teamwork, develops interpersonal relationships, encourages independence and the understanding of social roles.