Happy International Women's Day!

Good morning everyone!

To all the women out there, Happy International Women's Day!

Since this is a special day to celebrate all women from different walks of life, we'd like to share a few things about the co-founders of Creativate, which.. you guess it.. all women! :)

We've asked them individually, ehemm... few questions relating to Creativate, their outlook in life and more importantly how Creativate came to light.


From left: Chai, Naz, Jirah


1. Why is creativity important in education?

When you talk about education; it tends to be rigid, it has set rules, specific orders, etc. Creativity however, is the exact opposite. You can create anything from nothing. This, in actual fact, creates a perfect balance in one's life.

In life, when you're not able to solve a problem, what do you do? You innovate, you create a solution from your environment.

Take for example, when it rains; quite naturally you're told to use an umbrella so you don't get wet. What if you don't have one? Well, this is for your creative mind to answer. There is no single answer.

2. Why should children harness their creativity?

Remember rain and no umbrella? Imagine a child being told all their early years not to go under the rain without an umbrella. happens when they grow up, and it rains and they don't have an umbrella?

Creativity is the ability to think outside the box. A child needs that. They need constant stimulation, an outlet, a platform to express themselves. So that when they grow up, they're able to solve problems.

So going back to your question. Why? Simply for survival.

And come on, the world would be a boring place to live in without/with less creative minds and people around.

3. What do you hope to achieve with Creativate's programs?

As you know, we have few main creative programs we've introduced to the public recently. But why stop there? I hope our programs continue to grow bigger and be more diverse! That's what being creative is all about. We can tap into so many 'potential' creative programs and we're also looking into inviting other creative people to collaborate with us!

4. How do you know a child is successfully learning (creatively)?

Creative learning is intangible and it’s progressive. What's truly important is at the end of the day, they come home from our programs knowing their voices are heard, and they can be as expressive as they can be with us, may it be with their scribbles, or their strange stories, even them running around. Nowadays, it's not easy to tap into the child's creative side when they're too focused on their iPads and tablets. So, we've created platforms where a child can hone their creative skills.

5. What is the best thing about your business and what it does for children?

Of course when the kids are having fun! It is very heartwarming to hear them wanting to come back and join our creative programs. I've always been very passionate working with young children, so having to watch them 'grow' and progress in terms of learning about themselves, interacting with their peers, sharing ideas are things I find enjoyable.

Also the whole process of how Creativate came to light; I quite disagree when people say "it all started with an idea", quite frankly it all started with ideaS all jumbled together. The painstaking job of having to untangle each idea piece by piece and knowing where to put them is the best part in Creativate or any business honestly. Go Team Creativate! Group Hug! <3


1. Why is creativity important in education?

Creativity lets us explore our curiosity and that is what learning is all about. Learning should be fun and having creativity ensures that. It also teaches us to seek learning from various form and to not be passive learner.

2. Why should children harness their creativity?

They should learn that being different and curious is a good thing. Every child has a different creativity level and their differences can be a useful learning tool that can be benefited from one another.

3. What do you hope to achieve with Creativate's programs?

For parents to practice our programs at home! It’s important that a child’s need to express creativity can also continue when they are with family and in a familiar environment as part of their daily activity.

4. How do you know a child is successfully learning (creatively)?

When the child is proud to show their work not worrying whether it’s right or wrong. For them to be asking questions and feeding their curiosity knowing that they have a platform to do so.

5. What is the best thing about your business and what it does for children?

The best thing about coming to work is having to learn what the children will be up to and the endless need for them to imagine, create and express their energy and also be proud of it!


1. Why is creativity important in education?

It’s important to allow children the flexibility to explore and understand the world around them on their own terms. This ultimately results in more effective learning. It is also valuable because creativity is fun – it taps into children’s natural curiosity about their environment!

2. Why should children harness their creativity?

All children need to harness creativity to be able to solve problems in their environment, to better understand their complex world. They need to recognise their individual talents, and realise that mistakes should be embraced not avoided. After all, the best (and often the most fun) types of learning can happen from mere accidents and mistakes!

3. What do you hope to achieve with Creativate's programs?

For children to feel good about themselves! I hope that Creativate can help them discover something they’re good at that they never knew before, for them to be excited to learn, to always be enthusiastic and curious when it comes to learning and exploring.

It’s our goal to provide as many platforms and opportunities for children to experience and harness their creativity, so definitely expanding our programs and working with local talents would be a priority!

4. How do you know a child is successfully learning (creatively)?

I am confident that children are successfully learning creatively when they are confident with being different, with providing different answers, with having different opinions and ways of thinking. this shows that they are not merely following – they are attempting to understand the world on their own. And that’s a magical thing!

5. What is the best thing about your business and what it does for children?

The best part of this business is making children feel better about themselves, making them confident, helping them discover a new skill or a new interest they never knew they had before. Seeing children be curious, be engaged and focused, and having fun while learning is definitely the most meaningful part of our business!

Till next time! :)


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