One step closer to #beatplasticpollution

This year World Environment Day highlighted the concerning plastic pollution with a theme #beatplasticpollution. Local media have recently highlighted about 20K bags of rubbish which mostly made up of plastic bags and bottles have been collected from Brunei River. A rather eerie and worrying fact to learn but definitely an eye-opener to remind us on our part to care for our waters!

In an effort to contribute to one of the world’s celebrated day, we partnered together with BruWild setting up an interactive artwork for the main event which the public can participate and help to make.

Have you ever wonder where do all these plastics go? The artwork depicts an ocean covered in plastic wastes. Can you imagine seeing all these plastic wastes floating around in the ocean and eventually making its way into our waterways? Plastic pollution is not only a problem to the marine lives; it’s in fact bad for our health too.

The plastics gathered for this artwork mainly collected through the recycling project, ‘Recycle into Art’ that was run prior to the main event at Annajat Complex. The project involved collaborative recycling efforts from fellow public cafes and restaurants. Much love to It’s A Grind Coffee House, Rack & Brew, All Time Delights, Paddington House of Pancakes and Kimchi Brunei as well as Gerai Ramadhan vendors in Kuala Belait – they have tremendously exceed our expectation for this initiative <3 <3 #thankful!

The Minister of Primary Resource and Tourism, Dato Ali Apong and myself during "Recycle into Art" at Annajat Complex
Community participating in "Recyle into Art"

Show the love to the world you live in on World Environment Day and beyond…

World Environment Day is truly a People’s Day! : this day meant to invite and encourages us all to take a glimpse on environmental concern and to take action even in simplest way – all to encourage we care for our world and we care for the environment that we live in.

With this year’s theme #beatplasticpollution, here are few practices that you could adopt when it comes to plastic consumption:

  • Refuse to use plastics. However if you must use plastics, try to choose the most common recycled plastics such as PETE or HDPE of which have higher recycling rates compare to regular plastic bags

  • Recycle your plastic wastes responsibly – make sure to throw your plastic wastes in the right recycling bin

  • Use recyclable/metal straws instead of single-use plastic straws

  • Encourage yourself to bring your own water tumblers and refill your water at dispensers provided within the premises or request for refill from restaurants/cafes you go to

  • A great way to reduce plastic cups and lids is to bring your own thermos or your travel mug whenever you getting your coffees or smoothies on the go

  • Reduce everyday plastics such as sandwich bags and plastic containers by replacing them with a reusable (Reuse) lunch box

At most, spread the love for the cause. Share with your family and friends on the importance of refusing single-use plastic like takeaway, packaging and cutleries. Let them know the nasty impacts that these plastics may cause to our environment. The use of plastics in our everyday lives is almost unavoidable. Using paper bags instead of plastics may sounds like a great idea but it means cutting more of our trees. :( Recycling probably the best option.

As what they say,

"If you can't recycle, refuse it"



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