What I learned at Creativate as a Creative Facilitator

It has officially been one week of attending classes at my new university. In one of the classes, the lecturer asked why are we taking this course – where most answered the same thing as I did, which is to be an educator. Some of us were also asked when did we graduate for our Bachelor degree, and what did we do since then until we enrolled. I wasn’t asked those questions, but I was so ready to answer it – to talk about Creativate. I wanted to say that I was a Creative Facilitator for a small company, where I got to do many fun things with kids. I wanted to talk about how my time in Creativate has given me insight into what I want to do with the skills I have. Maybe another time.

For me, the ultimate goal is to become an educational officer that has an influence on the art & design area in Brunei (insyaAllah), but I can settle for a teacher in the design department in any school. The thought of teaching secondary students; especially in this era, seems nerve wrecking given their attitudes and whatnot. That’s where Creativate gave the initial boost. No, I didn’t get to work with older kids, but it was a real job where I got to teach (more like facilitate). Somewhat similar.

I was able to experience what it’s like to prepare lesson plans, handle small to large number of students at one time, and meet people who are not educators but has so much knowledge to share. Creativate has helped me realize that receiving knowledge isn’t always limited within the classroom of a school during school hours. It can also be outdoors by the beach or at the local park during the weekends, and not just taught by teachers – but passionate individuals who wants share information about the things that is happening in the world.

Creativate has also led me to think outside the box; outside the box of a classroom. It is not a school, there is no syllabus that Creativate follows. Everything that is thought of and prepared, is all originally by the people of Creativate. I had to gather information from all sorts of places, make crafts out of materials I didn’t think of in the first place, think of the possibilities we could do in an outdoor space, and so much more. This job requires you to believe that the materials and resources you can easily see is not the maximum limit when it comes to preparing and executing educational creative programs for children.

As much as I’ve enjoyed working and being part of the Creativate family, I hope the kids I got to meet and spend time with, had enjoyed having me as their facilitator and learned a thing or two from me!

Praying for the best and continuous success for Creativate and whoever helps them in all they do ☺

Much love, Rawiza ♥

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